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Free Plagiarism Checker: How it works?

Deep Search

With a deep search, this plagiarism checker will ensure you get an in-depth similarity check. Our algorithms dive deep into the world of the internet and search against a vast library of sources to fetch the most accurate and thorough plagiarism test results with percentages.

Scan Billion of Web Pages

The user enters the text as a query, and smart algorithms of our plagiarism check free tool perform in-depth content analysis against billions of data available on the web, including books, magazines, academic papers, journals, articles, newspapers, and many more.

How to check plagiarism online?

Our online plagiarism checker uses advanced AI technology to check for plagiarism in textual content. Detect plagiarism by following the instructions below and get the most flawless results.

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    Upload File

    Copy-paste text or upload a file directly from your desktop. You can also import the files from the cloud at your convenience.

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    Exclude URL

    Enter the URL in the “Exclude URL” field, and our best free plagiarism checker will ignore it while performing a plagiarism check.

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    Check Plagiarism

    Click on the “Check Plagiarism” button, and see the accurate results. Compare your results to identify the source of duplication produced by our plagiarism detector.'s Demo

Why prioritize Our 2023澳洲幸运五历史记录号码软件 澳洲幸运10官方开奖结果号码?

Our plagiarism checker offers free top-notch features to its users. The following points help you understand why you should prioritize this web-based utility.

Why Originality & Uniqueness of Content Matters?

Content is the most crucial element of a website as it decides whether it will help a website earn a high position in search engines and attract visitors. Attracting customers and search engines isn’t a piece of cake, as your site’s content needs high quality. One of the essential traits of high-quality content is originality, and it will determine its rank on search engine result pages.

If your content is plagiarized with already available information on the web. Use rewriting techniques or take assistance from paraphrasing tool to ensure uniqueness. Duplicate content will hurt your site and its position on search results. On the other hand, the uniqueness of content will give people a reason to choose your site over others in this competitive environment. If you’re facing, such problems, then a simple way out is to use our plagiarism software to detect instances of infringement.

The Dilemma of Free Vs. Paid Services

Many people get confused between choosing free or paid plagiarism software. It’s often believed that free services aren’t as good as paid ones. It might be true for other utilities, but it’s not the case with our duplicate content checker. The free users can check plagiarism online of specific words with limited queries, but the premium users get some advanced features which include the following:

Explore our pricing page to choose the right plan and enjoy our plagiarism scanner premium features.

Plans Plagiarism checker words per search
Basic 1,000 words
Bussiness 1,500 words
Enterprise 2,000 words
Corporate 10,000 words
Exclusive 30,000 words

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Who Uses Online 2023澳洲幸运8官方开奖结果体彩-看直播开奖官网开奖记录-168澳洲幸运10官网查询历史?

The plagiarism scanner is available for the assistance of users all around the globe. Ensuring originality in content is essential for people working from various walks of life. Here are some most common users of the duplicate content checker.

Academia & Educational Institutions

Academic plagiarism mainly occurs unintentionally. The students need to submit duplication free assignments to their institutes. The existence of plagiarism can get them a failing grade or lead them to suspension. The free plagiarism checker for students can make it easier to check plagiarism before submission to ensure the work is original, and your academic integrity is not compromised.

Teachers are responsible for checking whether the students have submitted their original work. Teachers must compare assignments for originality. The plagiarism checker for teachers eases the process of checking plagiarism from assignments and essays in a matter of seconds. Teachers are responsible for ensuring the uniqueness of hundreds of students working from K12 to higher education.

Universities and colleges can use the plagiarism detection service to promote integrity in students’ work. They can make it essential for students to submit plagiarism reports alongside their assignments.

Small Business Owners


When you are going to make content live, you must not do it without ensuring there is no existence of plagiarism. With a plagiarism Scanner, you can quickly scan any kind of text before making it available over the web.


Bloggers must use a duplicate checker to ensure their work isn’t theft. An online similarity checker can unveil the sources that have published the same work as yours. You can take the necessary actions against them to preserve your integrity.


The copywriters need to develop original copies for the businesses they are working with to drive leads and boost conversions. They need to keep a plagiarism checker by their side to maintain the authority of their work and generate the best results. The copyright checker allows them to check lengthy writing pieces.


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